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S for Schools

We, at 'S for Schools'  lay a bridge between dreams and reality.  We strive to help, guide and inspire students to pursue their dreams, by nurturing their creative minds, encouraging them to think out-of-the-box, to un-stereotype education and have the courage to step aside from herd mentality.


Vision: To nurture creativity, critical thinking and instilling confidence in every student to follow his/her passion and dream big without fear.

Our Goals: 

  • To change the way in which education is perceived

  • To integrate key sustainable development issues into teaching and learning

  • To network, associate and enable the educational community to realize our vision

  • To motivate people to participate in large numbers to contribute to education development

Why are we doing this?

All that kids need is someone's constant encouragement and emotional support to paint a future picture, that may seem unattainable today, but in reality, it isn't. For someone to tell them that they can until they believe that they actually CAN. For someone's assurance of turning there can't into cans and their dreams into plans.

What do we do?


Our basic aim is to help students explore their hidden talents and guide them to follow the right direction to a future that suits them best. Our objectives are :

  • To provide basic learning aid like books and stationery to students coming from an economically backward strata

  • To conduct creative workshops in urban schools for students from 8th, 9th, 10th std. Interactive sessions and discussions will be conducted to know more about a student's inclination towards various fields and his area of expertise

  •  To assign experienced mentors to groups of students having similar interests in career fields, helping them understand each field better


We have worked with amazing individuals and organisations who have helped us in achieving the goals that we are working for. We thank them all.

Whom we serve and how?

All kids across the globe have a variety of talents, but many lack opportunities and proper guidance. This scuttles their dreams and inhibits creative thinking. They don't dare to venture out in fields that they are actually good at, just because there isn't guaranteed success. This has led us to believe that channelizing their energies in the right direction and helping them focus on what they are actually good at, will instill confidence in students to take steps towards a brighter future. We help them realize their hidden talents and strive to nurture and develop them in the best way possible.

Students in rural schools coming from a weak financial background don't have basic learning aids. To facilitate quality eduaction, we provide them with books and stationary, or any other specific requiremnet of the technical institution they are schooled in. Herein, we plan to reach out to maximum students across Pune, and extend help and financial support.

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