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About Us

About Us

Little Angels can do so much with so little,
and you can be a part of that!


We, at 'S for Schools', try reaching out to the kids that have been deprived of their basic right to education. We strive hard to make this journey easier for them by supporting them in simple ways. They lack basic learning material like books, stationary, blackboards, which we intend to disribute in our program.

We encourage enthusiastic minds and kind souls to join us in this endeavor and selflessly extend a helping hand towards the neglected part of our society. New ideas and fresh concepts to reach out to maximum students across India are surely welcome. Its time to show your compassionate side and share your vision with a team that will change it into reality. Even one person can make a difference, and everyone should try. Come join us in the 'S for schools' journey!.

What We Do?

Our basic aim is to help students explore their hidden talents and guide them to follow the right direction to a future that suits them best. Our objectives are:
  • To conduct creative workshops for students of 8th, 9th, 10th std . Interactive sessions and discussions will be conducted to know more about a student's inclination towards various fields and his area of interest.
  • To assign experienced mentors to groups of students having similar interests in career fields.Promising focused and authentic guidance, along with personalised attention.
  • Be proud of yourself, you're really changing those little angels lifes!
    Your passion is admirable.
    Never give up!
    The Team

    The Team

    Ashish Thawrani

    Working at : FutureArch Events

    Disha Dokhale

    Works at : Procure Research pvt ltd

    Tanvi Dubey

    Working at: Sopra Steria Pvt Ltd.

    Chetan Pardeshi

    Founder:S for Schools

    We Are Thankful. 850+ Students Are Back to School

    Current : 850+ Students
    Goal:1000+ Students
    The Mission

    The Mission

    1.To change the way in which education is perceived

    2.To integrate key sustainable development issues into teaching and learning

    3. To network, associate and enable the educational community to realise our vision

    4.To motivate people to participate in large numbers to contribute to education development

    Our Stories

    Bogged down by life’s cruelty, Kunal, an 11 year old orphan, now stands tall and makes his late parents proud by scoring 86% in Std. 6, striving towards self-growth.

    Kunal Gundawar

    11 Years Old

    A student in the morning, toy-seller by evening. Her parents couldn’t provide for her education, and she was forced to drop out of school due to this financial crisis. Selling balloons and plastic toys, she has now enrolled herself in school again.

    Anindita Sonsale

    9 Years Old

    Yogini has 4 siblings, and being the eldest, she was made to work and earn money. A kind lady from a non-profit organization offered to visit a few students in the slums and teach them, in the evening, after they are done with work. She has now resumed education again.

    Yogini Thakar

    14 Years Old

    This is Ganesh. His mother is a single parent and works as a maid in different households. He won the Std. 4 scholarship this year, and made his mother proud.

    Ganesh Thorat

    8 Years Old

    How You Can Help

    How You Can Help

    We encourage enthusiastic minds and kind souls to join us in this endeavor and selflessly extend a helping hand towards the neglected part of our society.


    Become a Volunteer

    Being able to see the joy on a child's face when u hand out a notebook to him, is priceless. Being a part of the team will not only enable you to personally reach out to kids whose lives you want to impact, but will also help you realise how much they need you, or rather us, to give them a little push towards a brighter future.

    Be A Volunteer

    Become a Chaperone

    Its always a supporting and encourging feeling to have someone as your guiding light, a person who will make you look at what you learn with a different perspective, who will be a friend to you, rather than your teacher. In creative workshops conducted by 'S for schools' in urban schools, we provide a group of students having similar interests with a mentor. This mentor, or chaperone as we like to call him, is an expert in that field and can help students through hardships, that he himself has gone through, in that particular field.

    Be A Chaperone

    Become a Donor

    Taking out time to personally reach out to kids isn't possible in your busy schedule, there is still another way to support this cause. All you have to do is extend a helping hand by donating text books, notebooks, story books, stationary material,etc.

    Become a Donor
    Contact Us

    Contact Us





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